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Overcoming Giants: The Recap

Tabitha’s Tea Party, hosted at the charming Bonnie Ruth’s in Frisco, Texas, proved to be another enlightening and spiritual experience.

The afternoon tea party started as an appetizer, each participant warmly embraced and welcomed each other. Anticipating the moments ahead, we boldly stepped into our cozy and reserved room. Some of us arrived unaccompanied, others in small sister circles, but we all arrived in harmony awaiting the move of God. We, hand-in-hand, attentively listened to Tiffany Finley, the founder of @my_predestined_one, sing ever-so sweetly, in acapella, Holy Spirit.

“Holy Spirit You are welcome here

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere

Your Glory God is what our hearts long for

To be overcome with Your Presence Lord.”

Saintly-sisterly voices, harmoniously, joined in melody to invite Divinity into the room. Our King was there, on His Throne, welcoming the worship of us all.

We, then, sat in our seats, as each of us beamed in the midst of a reviving, spiritual flame. And, although full from the overwhelming love each poured from their hearts, in song, it was time to fellowship, with the breaking of bread. The menu was circulated. I savored the chicken pecan salad sandwich, with a side of field greens, and of course my accompaniment was a cup of hot tea. I chose to sip on the chamomile flower heads sourced from Egypt (breathing in the medicinal herbs), while my close sister-friend Dasha, founder of @we_r_ygab, enjoyed a fragrant cup of pomegranate infused oolong tea, both provided by the master blenders at Harney and Sons. In keeping with the natural flavors and the purity in the atmosphere, we sweetened our teas with a little honey. Well, a lot of honey, because we like our tea sweet! Now, the real tea! The main course was served by none other than Ebony King, founder of Tabitha's Tea Party.

Did you know that the older generation of the Israelites were blessed with the opportunity to inherit Canaan—a land flowing of milk and honey and choice fruits? But, although a unique blessing was presented to the Israelites, they forfeited their inheritance. Their fearful thoughts prevented the blessing. Despite having walked on favored ground, witnessing the beauty of the promised land, and gathering delectable fruit, the Israelites did not reap the land, because of their defeatist thoughts.

“And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight” (Numbers 13:33).

We read the entire, short chapter of Numbers 13, but the aforementioned verse was most impactful to me. The Israelites were blessed with a personal promise, to inherit the Promised Land, from El Shaddai, God Almighty, The Only True and Living God, who cannot lie. Yet, seeing themselves as lowly and weak, like a grasshopper, their negative self-image manifested their dim reality. They died in the wilderness as did their blessing to receive the Promise Land.

Yes, the giants were real, but so was God! And, regardless of the giants’ stature, in the physical realm of Earth, the Israelites’ King, the Almighty in the spiritual and earthly realm of the universe, would not have failed the Israelites. The King of Kings had proved Himself many times before to the Israelites to be a mighty warrior and unfailing King, leading them from Egypt to the cusp of the Promise Land. In fact, the Israelites were larger than the giants; they were more than conquerors! Although, the Israelites were giant in spirit, they failed to acknowledge their divine Source of strength. To their detriment, the blessed Promised Land was forbidden to the older, unbelieving generation of the Israelites.

Dessert was served, as Jessica Youngblood, author of Worth the Pain, courageously shared her personal story of anguish, near defeat, and ultimate victory. A former meth enthusiast, Jessica’s negative self-image led her to a face-to-face encounter with death- rock bottom. Jessica gave up full custody of her beautiful baby boy at eight months old, because of her addiction. Later, Jessica realized that her story was similar to her mother’s story, who abandoned her at eight months old. As time progressed, troubled by recurring visions of her vibrant baby boy and experiencing an abusive relationship that almost stole her life, Jessica’s life suddenly started to change.

She began an introspective thought process which was Spirit-led. “I am a mother, I am a loving mother, I am a present mother, I am loved by God, I am free, and I am delivered,” Jessica passionately spoke life over herself. “I shall live and not die!” From there, Jessica inspiringly used her thoughts to conquer her giants: early childhood abandonment, promiscuity, uncertainty, and addiction. Jessica was more than a conqueror! Presently, Jessica partakes in the sweet fruit of her Promised Land—family, restored health, an impactful career, peace, and love. Amen! She gained a positive self-image, seeing herself, as the King sees her and believing His strength is/was sufficient.

Like the Israelites and Jessica, we have a Promised Land, as well as giants. When you see your giants whether they be financial, emotional, physical, or a combination of all three, please remember to be of good courage! You’re more than a conqueror, the King of Kings will be your strength in moments of weakness, and you shall Live and not Die, as long as you see yourself, as He sees you and press-on, despite obstacles. And, you will Overcome Your Giants and Inherit Your Promise.

Now, girl, GET UP: ARISE, GO, and Eat the fruit of your land!! And, while you’re at it- have some tea.

Kindrela Culver

Written by: Kindrela Culver

Edited by: Tayarta Brown

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