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Stepping out the Boat

Do you remember the story in the Bible where Jesus sends his disciples off in a boat while he prays in solitude? By the time he finishes praying, the winds and waves have pushed the boat further into the lake. Jesus catches up with them by walking on the water. As Jesus walks on water, Peter and the other disciples in the boat see him and become afraid. The disciples were terrified because Jesus appeared in a way they were not accustomed to and was moving in a way they hadn't seen before. But Peter, recognizing Jesus, said, "Lord, if it is You, call me to come to You." Peter understood that if it truly was Jesus, the power of Christ would empower him to walk on water as well.


I want to share with you today how this story resonates with me. It occurred during a season of my life when I felt God's calling and movement in ways that were completely different from what I had experienced in previous seasons.


In Q1 of this year, I saw God moving in ways that were completely new to me. I had to get out of what had been familiar, normal, or traditional. The boat represented an area in my life where I had found safety, security, and movement. But I realized that while the boat was safe, secure, and provided mobility, it was not the true source of my power. Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, showed me that there are multiple ways to move when operating in faith. When we don’t operate in faith, we tend to default to what seems familiar or provides the most security and safety. But faith teaches us that we are not limited to those resources.


This year, I have found exposure to many resources of love, community, mobility, and security. It has been a beautiful season. However, in all that beauty, I have had moments where, like Peter, I began to doubt. For those of you stepping out of your own boats—whether it’s leaving the security of a relationship, career, friendship, or a familiar place—here are some lessons I’ve learned:


1. God is Always Near: No matter how far you think you have drifted from God, He is always just a step away. Look for Him, and you’ll find Him right in the middle of your trial or triumph. He’s always near.


2. The Boat is Not Your Only Vehicle: Sometimes we become more attached to what’s carrying us than to the One who empowers us. Jesus and Peter’s walk teaches us that while our common methods may be useful, God has multiple ways to get us where we need to be.


3. You Need the Wind: The wind and waves that pushed the disciples' boat also gave it movement. Similarly, the challenges we face in life can propel us forward. Embrace the wind and waves; they help you gain momentum and speed in ways you couldn’t achieve on your own. We often exert more energy fighting against the waves because it feels like they are pushing us in the wrong direction. However, sometimes the currents are taking you right where you need to be.


4. It's Just Wind: While we need the wind, we often overthink it when we’re in unfamiliar situations. When Peter got out of the boat, the wind became an issue, even though it had been there all along. New situations may bring familiar challenges, but they are just wind. Don’t let them cause you to doubt your path. For example, you may start a new job and encounter a difficult manager, leading you to question if it's the right place for you, as though you didn't have difficult managers in the past. Similarly, a new relationship might present some of the same struggles you've experienced before, making you doubt if it's worth pursuing. But remember, it's just wind. Every job, relationship, and journey will come with its own set of challenges. It’s just as natural as wind. 


You may be wondering if it’s okay to walk on THIS water. Your overthinking is probably leading to your sinking. But I want you to remember: Every win comes with WIND. Don’t doubt the direction you’re moving in, and don’t doubt the one who called you into that direction. Remember, just as He gave you movement in the boat, He can also give you movement in this new thing and do it in a new, more extraordinary way.


Speaking of walking on water and windy experiences, I can’t believe I wrote a book with all the wind that has blown my way, but I did! I hope you will join me at my book release on August 3rd.

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