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from scratch

The words 'from scratch' have been etched in my mind for the last week. Initially, I thought it was because I cried my eyes out binge-watching From Scratch on Netflix. But that wasn't it. Then I thought it was because of all the holiday meals I'd been watching on Instagram. But that wasn't it either.

As I continued to explore why those words were sticking with me, God directed me to Tabitha's TEA Party. This organization was built from scratch. God gave me this concept in 2017 with no previous experience or guidance. I so desperately wanted a recipe. I even tried pulling a page from the recipe books of others, but it never "tasted" right. It never felt like what God wanted me to cook. So, I threw away everything I thought it was "supposed" to look like and began to work with whatever God placed upon my heart to use. Instead of being frustrated for not having a blueprint or feeling like I needed a premade dish, I found the beauty in starting from nothing, which tastes so good.

The term from scratch means to make without any ingredients or to begin without a head start. Generational curses are broken by people willing to step away from what they have always known to be true and start something completely new with their life. Some of the best marriages are formed by people who have never seen marriage done right. Some of the most innovative companies we know and love were created from scratch in the basements and garages of people committed to embracing their call. So, what am I saying? Maybe God is encouraging you to be the first in your family to start a recipe book of love, wealth, faith, strength, or healing. You may be the one to create the blueprint.

Like any good recipe made from scratch, you must learn to trust your gut and tweak the recipe as you go. So as you bite into momma's homemade macaroni and cheese or your big momma's banana pudding, remember that, like those meals, your purpose, family, and business may be formed from nothing you've seen done before. And that's ok. All you need is an appetite for change and a willingness to get in the kitchen. Don't be afraid to start from scratch.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey. Thank you for allowing me to try new ingredients and change the temperature as I go. Thank you for giving me space to make a mess. I am so grateful for the community God has allowed me to connect with through this ministry. I pray it has been just as much of a blessing for you as it has for me. You all are my favorite ingredient. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Ebony King

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