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Carrying but Not Showing

Does this dress make me look pregnant?

In both pictures I’m pregnant. I’m carrying in both but only showing in one. It's the same pregnancy but with a different view. The day I took the picture in the pink dress I knew something was different about me. I called my mom and expressed something just felt off. My mom, KNOWING me as well as she does, suggested I may be pregnant. I’m like, no way. My husband had been recovering from surgery and so we weren’t very active at the time.

While taking the pic in the pink dress, my photographer insisted that I was overreacting as I continuously sucked my stomach in on each pic. I felt like I looked larger than life. There were small things I noticed, such as my random craving for a watermelon slush and the extra tugs it took to get my dress on. Small things that many people would easily disregard.

When I arrived home my husband looked at me and told me I was pregnant. I hadn’t taken a test or anything but he knew. I’m sure he would probably know better than I would. So, I immediately went to the closest convenience store and grabbed 4 pregnancy tests. Sure enough all tests confirmed I was pregnant. Turns out those small changes were indicators that a HUGE change was underway.

I called my best friends and each eagerly celebrated the news. Only weeks into the pregnancy they were asking me about baby shower plans and potential baby names. But others responded with hesitation. They wanted to know how long I had been pregnant. When did I take the test? They questioned if I was sure since I wasn’t showing. Some made jokes about me carrying again, suggesting that I have too much on my plate already. Some I haven’t heard from since I shared the news.

Why am I sharing this? This is what transformation looks like for many of us. Change happens in the seasons people can’t see. One deposit from the Holy Spirit can transform you immediately. BUT sometimes it doesn’t SHOW to everyone immediately. Some will test you to see if you’re really different. Some won’t believe you until you start showing. But some people will KNOW you so well that they will recognize your subtle changes. Some will KNOW you so well that they’ll take your word for it and support you immediately. Some God will give divine revelation to and they’ll know before you!!! It doesn't matter who sees it as long as you KNOW that it's there. God planted something special in you. It may be hidden right now but over time, through nurturing it will be undoubtedly KNOWN.

I wrote all of this to welcome you all to a KNOWN season. As I have expressed on other platforms God is ushering many of us into a season being KNOWN. Last year our focus was on being HIDDEN. That Hidden Season was for healing and transformation. Now as we walk into being known we will focus on identity, impact, and legacy. While understanding what it means to KNOW God and to be KNOWN by him and also what it means to be KNOWN by others.

Don’t ignore the seemingly small signals that God is doing something new in you. It could be as small as choosing not to go off on someone today or writing the first sentence in your book. There’s a seed of transformation in you waiting to be made KNOWN. Today I say happy KNEW year because God is about to change the way others knew you and the way you once knew yourself as you begin to embrace the NEW you. You may not see it yet but change is happening in you and soon God will make that light KNOWN.

If you identify with this please respond and let me know. The first three ladies to write me back will get complimentary registration to our KNOWN Conference on August 22nd. It’s going to be amazing!

“But there is nothing concealed that it will not be revealed, nor so hidden that it will not be made known.” -Luke 12:2 AMP

Love, Peace, and TEA

Ebony King

Tabitha's TEA Pary

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