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Moving4Ward- Overcoming Giants

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Happy New Year!! We pray that your new year is full of love, joy, and peace. We are excited to jump start the year with Moving4Ward- Overcoming Giants. Many of us have major goals for 2018 but there’s often a giant associated with each goal we set. As we embrace this New Year, we want to be sure that we are equipped to overcome the giants that often prevent us from moving forward.

Our featured TEAcher is none other than the amazing Jessica Youngblood. Jessica, the author of Worth the Pain, was born and raised in the small town of Kirby, Arkansas. Now she lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, raising four children with her husband—Jon. They have three handsome boys and one perfect little girl. Her story has been brought from death, back to life! A life threatened by giants such as, meth addiction and suicide, but saved by finding Jesus and living a surrendered life! Join us as she shares her journey from meth to ministry.

As always, we provide the tea but the food is on you. :-)

P.S. Please let us know in advance if you can't make it after registering. This allows us to open up to other ladies. Thank you!


Tabitha's Tea Party

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