The TEA Party 

Teach. Empower. Apply. 

The TEA Party is a community of women committed to growing together in the Word of God. We meet monthly in the form of a bible study dedicated to helping women Teach, Empower, and Apply the Word of God to their life.  You may get a cup of tea, but the real tea is in the Teaching, Empowerment, and Application.

Hello beauTEAful Sisters!

Do you know how important it is for you to Get Up and Stay Up? Do you know that there is an entire generation riding on your get up? This is why getting up is easier said than done. In April we are going to focus on why we must get up and most importantly, who we will help get up in the process. 

In addition to a phenomenal teaching on this subject we will also have an empowerment discussion with DeDe McGuire of the DeDe McGuire Foundation. We will explore her personal journey of getting up and how God is using her to help other women stay up through the DeDe McGuire Foundation. 

The DeDe McGuire Foundation creates stronger families and communities by strengthening the role of women and mothers by offering scholarships to women whose higher education was interrupted or derailed because of family, personal obligations or financial distress.