The TEA Party 

Teach. Empower. Apply. 

The TEA Party is a community of women committed to growing together in the Word of God. We meet monthly in the form of a bible study dedicated to helping women Teach, Empower, and Apply the Word of God to their life.  You may get a cup of tea, but the real tea is in the Teaching, Empowerment, and Application.

Hello beauTEAful Sisters!

Each year we launch a new bible study series in preparation for our annual conference. This year's series is entitle "KNOWN". We will walk through what it means to be KNOWN in the biblical sense. Each TEA Party will have a Featured TEAcher who will share their journey to being made KNOWN. Every TEA Party is dedicated towards helping women TEAch, Empower, and Apply the Word of God to their life.

The TEA Parties are free but we strongly encourage you to donate. Every donation goes towards providing food and materials for each bible study. Thank you in advance for your support.

For more information or to register for The KNOWN Woman Conference please visit