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Who cares?

This might sound ridiculous to some of you, but I will be candid. Sometimes I need to see the point of what I do. I reflected over the last year, and I replayed all of the accomplishments I've had recently in my career and ministry. After I went through the highlight reel, I was still left with an overwhelming feeling of insignificance. I didn't feel in

secure but insignificant. We often confuse insecurity with insignificance because they both typically produce the same outcome, which is stagnancy in your purpose. However, it's essential to understand the distinction between the two. Insecurity is rooted in feeling incompetent or inadequate. Those feelings suck. But we don't talk about the feelings of insignificance enough, especially for those constantly pouring out for everyone while still feeling unfulfilled. Some of you may not struggle with insecurity as much as you do with insignificance.

Insignificance is defined as too small to be worthy of consideration. Listen, you can feel great and small at the same time. Many of you know that whatever you put your mind to will be amazing. But sometimes even your amazing feels small. That was me for the last two weeks. It's not that I was in my head about whether or not what I do is good enough. But I was wondering if what I was doing was necessary. Does it matter? Why do I send these emails? Why do I host the TEA Parties? Why do I lead with passion and purpose? What's the point? Who cares? And then God answered me.

So, I broke my pinky nail about two weeks ago, and I have gone the last two weeks trying not to use it for the sake of not causing any additional pain or further breaking. Let me tell you, I had no idea how significant my little pinky finger was until I couldn't use it. I took for granted how often I used it to grab food, braid, scratch my head, and pick in my son's ear. I use my pinky finger for so many things. This little finger is a game-changer! I have such an appreciation for my pinky finger now. Even as I type, I am reminded how much I need it. Suddenly, as I was wrapping my little finger in a band aid I realized I am the pinky. I know it may sound a little crazy, but the smallest finger on my hand has been the most significant focus of my attention in the last two weeks. I believe God looks at us just the same, even when we feel like we don't matter. When we think it's ok to stop. God throws His love and attention our way to remind us that He has a purpose for us and that we are not insignificant to Him.

Sometimes in life, you may feel that what you do is pointless. You may have days when the kids don't appreciate the dinner you cooked, your friends don't appreciate your advice, or the customers don't appreciate what you're selling. But you are necessary. Even when it seems like no one cares about what you do or how you do it, know that you are powerful. The thoughts of insignificance want you to believe that if you stopped, no one would notice, nor would they care. That is a lie. Remember, the feeling of insignificance typically comes right before you're about to do something powerful.

You are loved, and you make the world that much better every day you get up and show up. Your work is not in vain. Your prayers are not in vain. Your love is not in vain. It matters. You matter.

I usually open with a scripture, but today I want to close with this one.

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows. (Luke 12:6-7)

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