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What a difference a yes makes!

When I first met my husband, it was in passing. I felt God say YES, but I said no.

No, he’s too old.

No, he’s too corporate.

No, I’m not ready.

Yes, he was attractive, smart, confident, and pretty much everything I wanted but I was too broken to see it. I was young and still unsure about my identity in Christ and what I truly needed in a spouse. I quickly learned that ignoring God's YES was the reason why I was hitting a no in every relationship following.

The next year my husband and I reconnected again at work. He asked me on a date and this time I relinquished my NO and gave him a YES. That was the last first date I ever had. Here we are 10 years and four kids later and we’re still saying yes to each other.

I know we are in a month of saying NO, but as I mentioned on our kickoff call this is more about your YES. When you decide what deserves your YES, the NOs will follow.

When I said yes to my husband, I was saying NO TO:

· a cycle of toxic relationships

· settling and not knowing my value

· being closeminded

· being a forever girlfriend

· generational curses

My yes, reshaped my NO. As we embrace the second half of November, I encourage you to evaluate your YES. The right yes, can change your entire life.

What a difference a YES makes!

Here’s the replay from our mid-month checkin. Also, we have created a groupme to stay connected throughout the remainder of this month. Join our community by clicking here.

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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2021

The YES that made a difference in the rest of the nos' to come! POWERFUL!!!

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