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Cloudy with a Chance of Greatness

When are you moving? I don't know.

Are you staying in Atlanta? I'm unsure.

Is your husband starting another church? Again, I don't know.

Nope, I don't know precisely what our next move will be. However, I'm highly confident that we're on the right path. For the past three years, I've been navigating with a vision that might be described as 'cloudy,' and it's been one of the most comforting periods of my life. Yes, you heard right, a cloudy vision. But this isn't your usual kind of cloudy vision, the one that breeds uncertainty or stirs feelings of confusion. I'm referring to a vision that keeps its focus on the cloud, even amid the uncertainty of everything else around me. The sort of vision that the children of Israel would have needed in Exodus 13:21-22:

21 By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.

This passage from the book of Exodus tells a story of a significant event in the journey of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt. The pillar of cloud was a visible manifestation of God's presence and guidance for the Israelites during their wilderness journey. It served as like a supernatural tour guide, leading their way. When the cloud moved, the Israelites would follow. When it halted, they would stop. This cloud also served as a source of protection, shielding the people from the harsh desert sun during the day. At night, it transformed into a pillar of fire, providing warmth, light, and security. So, it offered guidance, protection, and provision, and that same triad is still available to us today if we embrace it. No, I'm not saying that God is literally floating over your house in a cloud. But for many of us, God's cloud is the Holy Spirit, leading and guiding us as we continue to move by faith.

As we follow the call on our life, there are going to be many moments that will appear cloudy. However, it's up to us to lean into that cloud and ask God for guidance on the next step. God's cloud serves as a compass on our journey, much like a crossing guard directing traffic. God is constantly with us throughout our journey, indicating when to proceed and when to pause. He is meticulously orchestrating every moment and ensures that we're moving at our set time. As we take the next step, challenges, enemies, and even moments where we feel vulnerable to attacks may appear. That’s when we allow the cloud to be our protection.

I appreciate the fact that the text doesn't imply our problems or enemies vanish when we choose to follow God. Instead, it emphasizes that we receive protection even amid our trials. He fights our battles even when we can’t see it. And when those enemies of your mind want to convince you that you don’t have enough or won’t be enough, remember this too: God is your provider. Isn't it remarkable that the very thing which carries water also becomes fire? God transitions from being a shield from the sun to an all-consuming fire, illuminating our path in the dark and providing warmth at night. God isn't confined to a box, nor is He limited to one circumstance in our lives. His provision spans every need we have, whether it's food today or a brilliant idea tomorrow. He's present in every detail because He is the main idea.

Yes, your call will come with challenges. But remember it also comes with a cloud. So, I encourage you, step boldly towards the cloud this week. Embrace your calling, even when the path isn't crystal clear. Let your heart be comforted, knowing that God is with you every step of the way as your guide, your provider, and your protector. Yes, it may appear cloudy now, but remember, within these clouds lies your opportunity, your chance to truly experience greatness.

P.S. I’ll be talking about this more on IG Live this Thursday at 7 EST. Set your clock and meet me @tabithasteaparty

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Love, Peace, and TEA!

- Ebony King

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