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Inexperienced but Chosen: Day 2 In My Secret Place

This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. -Matthew 1:18

Have you ever felt afraid to do something you had absolutely no experience in? Several years ago, I was offered a job at a software company. Coming from retail, I was convinced I was unqualified for the job. Every day I feared this amazing company would see that they hired the wrong girl. However, quarter after quarter, I continued to exceed my target and was recognized on several occasions for my accomplishments. It wasn’t until I was studying the birth of Jesus that I was able to understand now what I totally missed back then. God can move in your virgin places and pull out of you gifts you never thought you had. God had positioned people before me who could see more in me than I could see in myself. The entire time I was waiting to fail simply because I was a ‘virgin’ in the role.

How often do we discount how great we can be at something from the fact that we have never done it before? This Christmas, I encourage you to reflect on the birth of Jesus and how Mary was blessed to carry Him with no former parenting experience. God trusted her with this amazing gift because He was always in control of the process. Many people understand virgin to mean never experiencing sexual intercourse. But there’s another definition of virgin—unaltered by HUMAN action.

As you prepare for the next year, don’t think about how much you can do in your power, or who you need for a thing to come to past. The only thing that you need to know is God is in control. God can move in the places where you feel unequipped, unqualified, inadequate and inexperienced. We often think if I had a husband, a business partner, or a friend I could do this. But sometimes God just wants you with no assistance from man. Sometimes God must remind us of His power before we make crutches out of our relationships. God can do things through you that are unaltered by HUMAN action. Mary was a virgin woman that birthed a gift she had no experience in making. There was no help from Joseph or from doctors. It happened by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe you are waiting on a certain someone, but do you know that like Mary, God was already preparing something in you before marriage or any other form of relationship? The scripture says before Joseph and Mary came together Mary found herself pregnant. Before you make your next partnership know that you are already carrying something valuable.

Maybe you don’t feel experienced enough for the next thing God has called you to do. I want to encourage you to be open-minded and obedient to new calls. It may be your very first time tapping into that area or gift, but don’t let your inexperience determine your ability to be great at it. You’ll be surprised how many amazing gifts God wants to birth in your virgin areas. You may be inexperienced, but you are still chosen. We are not chosen because we are equipped. We are equipped because we are chosen.

I pray that in your secret place the power of the Holy Spirit begins to comfort you in the places where you feel lonely, unsure, and inadequate. I pray that you see the power of God like never. I pray that those close to you will see the glory of God upon you because you allowed God to move supernaturally through you.

Romans 8:30

And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.


  • What untouched areas in your life do you need to trust God to move in? How will you approach those things going into the new year? This could look like learning a new skill or tapping into a new ministry gift.

  • Your gift has a purpose. Mary was blessed with the gift of Jesus, but His purpose was assigned to much more than Mary. What assignment does your gift(s) have?

  • Are there any new opportunities coming up for you that make you afraid? Do you secretly feel unqualified for the role? What practical steps can you take to move forward?

That’s all we have for today! We’re all trying to seek God like never before! If you have any testimonials or feedback, please reply to this email. We want to hear from you! Happy Seeking!

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