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Moving 4WARD: Restoration

Hello Ladies!!

Who remembers the last tea party on Forgiveness??? It was truly life changing. We surrendered some very deep areas of resentment and bitterness to God. We prayed intentionally for people who have hurt us deeply. We were set free in many areas. Now, that we have allowed our hearts to be made pure and vulnerable to God it is time for us to talk about restoration.

Restoration is so important because this is the moment when things will come full circle. Dreams that you were thought were no longer attainable will suddenly become desirable again. Friendships/ relationships that you thought were completely over may begin to be redefined. You will be on familiar land but this time things will be different. What does that even mean??? Well you’ll find out at our May Tea Party! Whew!! Can’t share too much!

Our featured empowerment TEAcher this month is Rachel L. Proctor. Rachel is a speaker, author, and business leader. Texas-bred entrepreneur, Rachel L. Proctor, has revolutionized the way women lead in business, ministry and public service. Rachel currently serves as the Mayor Pro Tem for the city of DeSoto, Texas. Rachel has a long list of accomplishments and entrepreneurial success. On May 26th, Rachel will share her journey of spiritual restoration and how God RESTORED healthy boundaries in her life when they’d been torn down.

This month we are asking that you bring your favorite coffee or tea cup (hope it's a Tabitha’s teacup). We will be providing food and tea so all you must do is travel down your path of restoration. Please wear/bring something that represents restoration for you. Lastly, as you know, we are a non-profit organization so donations are greatly appreciated but not obligated. Your donation helps us with securing location and food.

P.S. Please let us know in advance if you can't make it after registering. This allows us to open registration to other ladies.


Tabitha's Tea Party

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