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Girl, Get Up!

On August 4, 2018, in the lovely city of Frisco, Texas at the gorgeous Verona Villa, Tabitha’s Tea Party will host its 5th annual women’s conference! This year’s theme: Girl, Get Up! Rising from Dead Places. This conference is all about LIFE…renewed life, transformed life, abundant life. But first, we must GET UP and recover from the dead areas that have made it difficult for us to move forward. Here’s just a sneak peek of what you can expect:

-A NEW ME Life Transformation Workshop facilitated by Dr. Estrelita Bruce- Christian Counselor, Author, and Speaker. This workshop will help you identify some dead areas in your life and transform them into opportunities for personal growth, wholeness, and purpose.

-A Life Series Pink Carpet Premiere – A short documentary featuring 4 women who got up from abuse, loss, trauma, insecurity, addiction, infertility, loneliness, suicide, and incarceration.

-Empowering words and breathtaking performance from Tammy Meinershagen- Musician, Arts, Advocate, and Change Agent in Frisco, Texas. Her message will push you to live and give life.

-A Girl, Get Up declaration from Tabitha’s Tea Party very own Ebony King- Author, Speaker, and Ministry Leader at North Bridge Church

Life Changing Testimonies


Praise & Worship

Life Connections





Needless to say, the day will be amazing. Get your tickets today. Please also check out our sponsorship packages if you would like to partner with us. Your donation will support the conference, documentary, and VIP treatments for two ladies who just need a weekend to Get Up. We are going to give them one overnight stay at a Hotel in Frisco, dinner, gift card, and complimentary tickets to the conference. We are anticipating between 100-130 women who believe in getting up and moving forward. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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Live Abundantly,

Tabitha’s Tea Party

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