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November Tea Party: Basic Training

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

We had an amazing time in October discussing our identity in Christ. We concluded that as we come more into an awareness of our identity in Christ we may begin to lose many things we once identified with. This bible study was life changing as we witnessed women become free from the bondage of their past.

The bible says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. (2nd Corinthians 5:17) With any new title there is a training process associated with it to ensure that you are best version of who you are called to be. That is why this month we are going into basic training. We want to make sure that you are equipped to walk in greatness and overcome any battle thrown your way and you Move 4WARD.

This month's featured TEAcher is Carolina Amaya. Carolina is a Christ lover, wife, mother, corporate executive, entrepreneur, community advocate whose passion, dedication and voice is influencing women, men and governments around the nations. Like you, she is a Wonder Woman in her own right. Join us as she shares her personal journey on how to overcome rejection, failure, fear and bondage to become a mighty warrior equipped for battle.

This is probably the most significant part of our journey as it will determine how you embrace the promises ahead of you. Bring a friend.

P.S. please let us know in advance if you can't make it after registering. This allows us to open up to other ladies. Thank you!


Tabitha's Tea Party

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