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Broken to Peace

I was nothing but a broken soul.

Pieces walking, nothing whole.

Heading towards a no way road.

Running fast but moving slow.

Pieces here and pieces there.

Leaving pieces everywhere.

No peace for me but a piece to share.

Pieces floating in the air.

I was but a broken soul.

Begging God to make me whole.

My shattered pieces watch them float.

Catch them fast before they go.

Somewhere along the journey I lost my way.

I lost my love. I lost my faith.

I hung my joy upon a rack.

Now, I have no idea where it's at.

My hope pulled off on a bus.

It must be riding with my trust.

My power, yeah I lost that too.

I just can't find it. I have no clue.

Fear she's here. She's my best friend.

She follows me around. She has no end.

Just when I thought she was gone.

She reminded me I'm not alone.

Worry is scary. He hides in my heart.

He likes to come out and play after dark.

He entertains me when I'm thinking.

He tells me that my life is sinking.

I believe him even with no proof.

I find comfort in his truth.

But then Grace grabbed me by the hand.

She pulled me out of no man's land.

Mercy greeted me with a strong embrace.

He told me that my past was now erased.

He said, although I don't deserve it.

He would save me cause I'm worth it.

Grace and mercy they both love me.

And remind me that God is thinking of me.

But they are possessive. So I had to choose.

So fear and worry I had to lose.

I am no longer a broken soul.

I have God's peace to keep me whole.

And as I move from here to there

I have no pieces to give but peace to share.

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