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Over the weekend I had the chance to have some heart to conversations with a few women I know. A common thread amongst every conversation was that we were all going through or dealing with the aftermath of a major shift. With most shifts you can expect to experience a dismantling, disruption, and a sense of brokenness. There is a blessing in the brokenness but many of us fail to see it because we have such a hard time letting things break.

When I was in college I went through a painful breakup. I spent a lot of time praying for God to heal the relationship. I was confident that God would bring us back together. Instead, God began to heal me of the insecurities I hid in that relationship. He healed my broken idea of what a healthy relationship should look like. He healed my broken expectations. He healed my broken values. He healed my broken identity. I needed the breakup so that my real broken areas could be addressed. Once those areas were addressed, I realized it wasn’t the relationship that needed healing. It was me! The breaking was the healing! A newer better version of me was birthed from what I thought was the worst period of my life. It was my groundbreaking moment.

You may be going through a shift or dealing with the residue of one. In many ways it has left you feeling broken. What you feel is broken is groundbreaking. This is your groundbreaking moment. Groundbreaking is defined as something innovative, pioneering or that has never been done before.

God did some groundbreaking in you. He sent a heavy vibration through your life. Like an earthquake, it was so heavy the plates in you began to shift. The things that once brought you comfort, and familiarity are now out of reach. He shook some pieces so hard that some people fell off, jobs fell off, relationships fell off, things fell off. However, this shift was not to destroy you. It was to break you. It was to break NEW ground in you. God is building something inside of you that could not be until the breaking occurred.

Tonight, I want to encourage you to look for God in the breakings. Those pieces that you so desperately wanted to put back together… are they really broken, or have they been repositioned so that you could be whole? Being broken sometimes is the beginning of a prayer you didn’t know you needed. Every now and then you must be ok with letting things break. There is a blessing in the breaking.

Scriptures to reflect on tonight:

“And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.”

(Romans 8:26)

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

Don’t forget to register for the TEA Party this Saturday. This month we are going to continue our discussion around breaking the soul ties that have been preventing you from prospering. Register here.

Love, Peace, and ProsperiTEA!

Tabitha's TEA Party

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Will God Bless this Mess?

Sometimes our journey to prosper begins as a total mess and I hate mess!!! I thrive in structured environments. I like for things to be clear, concise, defined. There is no method to my madness. I prefer no madness whatsoever. Initially, I couldn’t connect prosperity and messy together. When I think of prospering I envision peace and order. Not mess. But this mindset can become a barrier to success.

When my husband cooks he completely destroys the kitchen. I mean he pulls out every ingredient in the pantry. There’s flour, butter, eggshells and grease everywhere. All of that to make a bowl of cereal. Kidding! But seriously when he does Saturday morning pancakes, I always stay in the room because I know the kitchen is going to be a total mess. I prefer a clean kitchen throughout the entire cooking process. It just works for me.

Here’s the truth, either way were are eating. Whether the pancakes are produced by my ‘clean as you go’ approach or my husband’s ‘go with the flow’ approach, we will eat. Although I despise the mess my husband makes I must admit his pancakes are the BEST.

Perfection is not a prerequisite to prosperity. God can bless the mess too! I believe many of us forfeit our progress because we shut down at the sight of disorder. We have this idea that things have to be perfectly in place or to our standard in order to be in God’s perfect will. To this, I say Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

As we continue to dive into this subject of prospering, I want to encourage you by saying, “Yes, God will bless you in your mess.” You may feel completely dismantled, confused, or perhaps everything around you is in disarray. It’s ok. We all have a little mess here and there even if we sweep it under the rug.

I want to leave you with a few Prosper Perspectives that have empowered me to see success in what has personally been a very messy week.

1.) Find adventure in what you have perceived to be adversity.

2.) Instead of being exhausted with your current struggle, get excited for what’s ahead.

3.) Stop rejecting your dreams with a daunting spirit and run towards them with a daring spirit.

Let’s get a little messy! Have fun! And PROSPER!!!

Don’t forget to jump on the Pray & Prosper call Monday at 7AM CST. Just dial in 319-527-3235 and mute your line.

Lastly, head over to and join our prosper community. We’re rolling out additional resources to help you prosper as the year progresses.

Love, Peace, and ProsperiTEA!

Ebony King, Tabitha’s TEA Party

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When you begin to know God in an extraordinary way it brings out the extraordinary in you. At our TEA Party on Saturday we discussed how Peter was inspired to walk on water after witnessing Jesus do it (Matthew 14:25-32). Peter’s inspiration was charged by being in close proximity of God.

Extraordinary is defined as going beyond what is usual ordinary. This means that everyone’s extraordinary is different. What’s unusual for me may not be unusual for you. Teaching for me is no longer unusual because I’ve been doing it for years now. However, for someone who has never done it, speaking/teaching could be extremely frightening.

Initially the disciples were frightened by Jesus walking on water—they thought he was a ghost. How many times have you thought the worst about something that was actually a great opportunity for you?! Knowing God in an extraordinary way shifts your intimidation to expectation. After realizing that it was the Lord, Peter now had an expectation to walk on water too.

I want you to find something that you desire to do and at the same time afraid to do. Go to that place because that is where your extraordinary happens. Draw closer to God in that area and move by faith. Watch God make what was once extraordinary become ordinary in your life.

Speaking of knowing God in an extraordinary way, I wanted you to be amongst the first to know that I published my first book, Black Wings Still Fly! Black Wings Still Fly is a poetic journey to restoration. It is designed for anyone who has ever felt like their adversity was too heavy for them to rise. I have always loved to read and write poetry and wanted my first solo project to show you more of ME. I am very vulnerable in this book but it is with hopes that my transparency will help you transform.

Pre-orders are limited so please order your signed copy today and join me at the virtual book release on 12/12/2020. I will be announcing this publicly but I had to share it with my sisters first. At Tabitha’s TEA Party we exist to empower women to get up, stay up, and lead by faith. I can’t encourage you all to go any further than I am willing to travel.

I hope you grab my book and join the #FlightClub. Most importantly, I hope you feel more inspired to do something extraordinary too! Let me know.

Register for my virtual book release and pre-order your signed copy here. Subscribe to my website to follow more of my solo projects here.

Last but not least, we announced our new series for next year! Get ready to PROSPER!!! More details to follow. ;-)

Love, Peace, and TEA!

Ebony King

Founder/ Lead Teacher

Tabitha’s TEA Party

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