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When you begin to know God in an extraordinary way it brings out the extraordinary in you. At our TEA Party on Saturday we discussed how Peter was inspired to walk on water after witnessing Jesus do it (Matthew 14:25-32). Peter’s inspiration was charged by being in close proximity of God.

Extraordinary is defined as going beyond what is usual ordinary. This means that everyone’s extraordinary is different. What’s unusual for me may not be unusual for you. Teaching for me is no longer unusual because I’ve been doing it for years now. However, for someone who has never done it, speaking/teaching could be extremely frightening.

Initially the disciples were frightened by Jesus walking on water—they thought he was a ghost. How many times have you thought the worst about something that was actually a great opportunity for you?! Knowing God in an extraordinary way shifts your intimidation to expectation. After realizing that it was the Lord, Peter now had an expectation to walk on water too.

I want you to find something that you desire to do and at the same time afraid to do. Go to that place because that is where your extraordinary happens. Draw closer to God in that area and move by faith. Watch God make what was once extraordinary become ordinary in your life.

Speaking of knowing God in an extraordinary way, I wanted you to be amongst the first to know that I published my first book, Black Wings Still Fly! Black Wings Still Fly is a poetic journey to restoration. It is designed for anyone who has ever felt like their adversity was too heavy for them to rise. I have always loved to read and write poetry and wanted my first solo project to show you more of ME. I am very vulnerable in this book but it is with hopes that my transparency will help you transform.

Pre-orders are limited so please order your signed copy today and join me at the virtual book release on 12/12/2020. I will be announcing this publicly but I had to share it with my sisters first. At Tabitha’s TEA Party we exist to empower women to get up, stay up, and lead by faith. I can’t encourage you all to go any further than I am willing to travel.

I hope you grab my book and join the #FlightClub. Most importantly, I hope you feel more inspired to do something extraordinary too! Let me know.

Register for my virtual book release and pre-order your signed copy here. Subscribe to my website to follow more of my solo projects here.

Last but not least, we announced our new series for next year! Get ready to PROSPER!!! More details to follow. ;-)

Love, Peace, and TEA!

Ebony King

Founder/ Lead Teacher

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Hey Ladies,

What’s right about your wrong? I know that sounds odd.

Transparent moment. I tend to lose friends or potential friends because I can sometimes come across as too direct. I have a high discernment for when something feels wrong and can be a little quick in offering my “two cents”. After experiencing rejection for be

ing this way, I began to feel like something was “wrong” with me. As I continued to assess myself and who I am as a leader, I found my seemingly toxic trait was actually a gift I needed to explore further.

Being known is about understanding we are created in the image of God and God uses each of us as a vessel to further His Kingdom.

Recently, I took a spiritual gifts assessment to understand how God uses me through my gifts. I was surprised to see everything that was seemingly associated with a negative characteristic was actually attributed to the behavior of one of my spiritual gifts. How can negativity be associated with a gift? Simple, our gifts are like weapons. When used right they can save a life and when used incorrectly or prematurely they can suck the life out of a room.

One of my top three spiritual gifts is that of a perceiver. Perceivers are said to have a keen sense of right and wrong and can become critical of other people or situations. God has shown me that my gift at times won’t be the most appealing gift at the party but if used properly it can be one of the most impactful gifts opened.

Having the gift of a perceiver does not always mean that God wants me to share what I see. Sure, there are times when I will need to have uncomfortable conversations regarding people and situations. During those times I will be confident when speaking up and at peace when people walk away. However, in other instances, when God gives me a revelation I should consider that everything is not to be said but instead is an opportunity for me to pray. Seeing things clearly is actually a clear opportunity for me to pray more accurately. Just think, I wanted to throw this gift away!

Before you throw away something that is actually a unique aspect of your being, I challenge you to ask God what’s right about your wrong. Seek more clarity about who you are and through the power of the Holy Spirit identify how you can mature in that area to do what’s right. For example, one of your top gifts may be the gift of showing mercy. Sometimes people with that gift are considered “too soft” but you may be the person God uses to extend His grace on earth. Don’t hide that gift. Make it KNOWN in a way that gives God glory.

Here’s the link to the spiritual gifts assessment. Please take it and tell me what’s right about your wrong.

I am excited to see you know yourself better!

P.S. Don’t forget to register for the next virtual tea party on October 24th. Here’s the link!

Love, Peace, and TEA

Ebony King

Tabitha's TEA Pary

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Hey Ladies,

We have good news and not so good news. The not so good news is that due to the hysteria regarding the coronavirus we will not have our March TEA Party. Since a lot of people travel during spring break we think it is wise to let things settle down.

The good news is that our March speaker, London Burton, will now be a speaker at our conference in August. Speaking of the conference, we have even greater news, THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE IS NOW UP! That's right all things regarding our conference can now be found at KNOWNWOMAN.COM

PLEASE visit our conference site, subscribe, and register!

We will resume with our next TEA Party in April. We will not let the enemy win. We will also start back our prayer and devotional calls. Where this is God's will there is always a way. His Word will continue to be made KNOWN. “But there is nothing concealed that it will not be revealed, nor so hidden that it will not be made known.” -Luke 12:2 AMP

Remember ladies, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2nd Timothy 1:7). A lot of you are worried and fearful at this time but just let God guide you to make sound decisions.

Love, Peace, and TEA

Ebony King

Tabitha's TEA Pary